Argentina's secretary of state for trade has officially decided to launch an anti-dumping investigation against emergency lighting equipment originating in China on September 4, the financial newspaper reported on September 5, 2017.

It is reported that the anti-dumping investigation of the above products by Argentine ATOMLUX company and GAMA SONIC company, production and trade of Argentina secretariat of state that the two companies in the related industry representative of Argentina.

The investigation of the case will be carried out by the Argentine foreign trade commission, which considers the possibility of dumping margins of 183.39 per cent. The foreign trade commission of Argentina believes that in the past year, under the conditions of serious undervaluation, the import of related products has been growing in China and has continued to grow. The strong capacity of China's production and export industries is a detriment to the related industries. The undervaluation of the related products puts the profitability of the related industries below the reasonable average level.

Interested parties shall submit their testimonies within 10 working days after the publication of the preliminary anti-dumping report. At present, the Argentine customs has received notice requesting the relevant import enterprises to provide the certificate of origin to launch the investigation.

"As long as there is trade, there will be friction," said wang he jun, director of the trade relief bureau of China's ministry of commerce. In the face of the economic situation that is still complicated and severe, whether to continue to kill a blood path or to put one another way, communication and selection will continue.